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Extreme Needlecraft


“Lenin… with mittens!” from majorbonnet

Over the weekend I made the mistake of uttering the sentence “I’ve been keenly following the knitting blogs, and it turns out extreme knitting is quite the thing in the U.S. of A. at the moment”. Needless to say the kids fell around laughing and have ridiculed me often since. I just wanted to shout out the kind of thing I’ve been enjoying:
Red gloves for Lenin:
Tank cosy:
Knit a big flag:
Embroidered graffiti:

And today Mie Nørgaard showed me Anders Bonnesen‘s great work: – I want to add that to my list.

One subset of this stuff was covered by Rose White in a brilliant talk she gave at the 24th Chaos Communication Congress (24C3) on “The History of Guerilla Knitting”. There’s a BitTorrent download of the talk available which is what I watched, it’s a great talk, worth downloading BitTorrent and an MKV player for!

I am partial to just plain old cute too:

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Bible Visualizations


A while ago Anab posted about the Institute for the Future of the Book, which lead to a discussion of information visualizations of book texts. One book that receives repeated attention is The Bible. This interest stems in part from the religious nature of the book itself (i.e. believers and academics are keen to gain new perspectives and new study aides), and in part from the ready availability of multiple versions of the text (e.g. through The Online Parallel Bible Project or The Bible Gateway). Over the years I’ve come across a number of inspiring abstract visualizations of the Bible, for example:

Anh Dang's 'Gospel Spectum' example
Anh Dang’s "Gospel Spectum"

 Kushal Dave's 'exegesis' example
Kushal Dave’s "exegesis"

Linda Becker’s 'In Translation' example
Linda Becker’s ‘In Translation’

Philipp Steinweber and Andreas Koller's 'Similar Diversity' example
Philipp Steinweber and Andreas Koller’s "Similar Diversity"

Recently two more have popped up on Andrew Vande Moere’s information aesthetics blog.

The first is old and not computer based. It’s Clarence Larkin’s "Dispensational Charts". Done over 75 years ago they map out various concepts by visually plotting the relevant biblical passages. E.g.:

Clarence Larkin's 'The Second Coming'
Clarence Larkin’s "Dispensational Charts"

The second gives rise to the picture heading this post. It’s Chris Harrison’s "Visualizing The Bible". Chris starts with an arc diagram plotting cross-references through the bible and then adds some network graphs of the people and places in the bible.

Bible cross references arc visualization
Chris Harrison’s "Visualizing The Bible"

Although Chris develops a visual aesthetic reminiscent of much of the work done with Processing he is in fact just using the Java 2D libraries.

links for 2008-03-09

  • I’m just listenning to “Symphonies of Wind Turbines” on BBC Radio 3’s “Between The Ears” with Kevin Crossley-Holland narrating and providing poems. They are excellent evocations of the East Anglian landscape, and sound almost from another age.
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