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"Sloth" by Thowra_uk
"Sloth" by Thowra_uk on flickr

Perhaps the reason that I write so few blog posts is that I take sooooooooooooo long to write them! I must try some fast ones.

Meet Spartacus



We’ve been pondering what will happen when Henry’s gone, and Kate and I both felt we’d want another dog. Then we thought, Why wait? Getting another dog now would be great companionship for Henry in his dotage and hopefully some of Henry’s calm personality would rub off on the new dog. We don’t have space for another big dog (plus Will and I like small dogs) and so we’ve been discussing it over-and-over whilst keeping an eye on dogs at the Wood Green Animal Rescue Centre near us. Well, on the way back from a long Easter Weekend of fishing and pampering at Eye Kettleby Lakes in Leicestershire over Easter, we popped into Wood Green and fell for a wonderful rescued stray dog called Sparky. We’ve visited three times now to test Henry and Sparky’s compatibility and it looks like they’ll let us have him, though there is one final hurdle, an interview about our suitability tomorrow morning. Wish us luck! We’ll probably change his name (I’m voting for Spartacus but Meg wants Teddy) if we do get him.

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