Brief quote from John Heskett’s “Design: A Very Short Introduction”

Design: A Very Short Introduction

John Heskett’s “Design: A Very Short Introduction” was published by the OUP eight years ago in 2002. Here’s a quote from Chapter 7 on Identities:

A new visual identity can also be a signal of a major change of intent in corporate strategy. In the year 2000, British Petroleum (BP) unveiled a new identity programme that featured a dramatic image of a stylized sun-symbol in the long-standing corporate colour scheme of yellow and green, again by Landor. Accompanying advertising signalled a move to a wider pattern of activities, under the slogan Beyond Petroleum. This brought down on BP the wrath of environmentalists, who pointed out that the corporation’s business remained overwhelmingly petroleum based. Whether the new image will be sustainable depends in great measure on the behaviour of BP in the future and the extent to which it can be judged against its claims for itself.

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