The All-Seeing Lipid Rides Again

"Scallop Fisheye #2" by slimmer_jimmer on flickr
"Scallop Fisheye #2" by slimmer_jimmer on flickr

Last year was the first year I joined in The Omniscient Mussel‘s #operaplot competition, and I wrote up my entries as a blog post. This week it’s on again for a wonderful third year.

Here are my attempts so far; the second two and a few of the last ones are reposts from last year – that’s allowed 🙂 and my first was the first entry (though I had to delete it and repost as it made no sense with the commas stripped out to fit in a tweet)

Dr Atomic, by John Adams
Batter my heart, three-person’d God, I, except you enthrall me, never shall be free, nor ever chaste, except you ravish me *BOOM*

Peter Grimes, by Benjamin Britten
Sailor abuse; sea; sailor abuse; sea; teacher abuse; sea; child abuse; sea; death; sea

Acis and Galatea, by George Frideric Handel
♀ ♥ shepherd. Shepherd ♥ ♀. Giant ♥ cherry lipped ♀. Giant kills shepherd. ♀ now = divinity who turns dead shepherd into fountain

Káťa Kabanová, by Leoš Janáček
My husband is cold and away. My mother-in-law is a dragon. Would it be vulgar to snog a friend? It was so I’ll drown in the Volga

Noye’s Fludde, by Benjamin Britten
A very cute storm in a teacup, with audience participation

Dido and Aeneas, by Henry Purcell
@belinda Remember me but oh do not archive my tweets.

Bluebeard’s Castle, by Béla Bartók
Do not open

Tosca, by Giacomo Puccini
3 acts. Key character from Act 1 not seen again. In Act 2 main baddie dies. PLOT FAIL. Quick recover: fake fake death then death

Così fan Tutte, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Women eh! You recon? You’re on. ‘Told ya.

Rusalka, by Antonín Dvořák
Fishy tale of bored teen seeking love. Čury mury fuk. Teen silenced, but her chatty lover lacks constancy. Watery graves for all.

La Traviata, by Giuseppe Verdi
I cannot help falling for an arrogant youngster. Boy does his dad hate me. OK I’ll leave. Wait till I’m dying to love me. Operas!

Pelléas et Mélisande, by Claude Debussy
Rescued you from fountain sorrow why torment me with lust for brother? I’ve killed him. Whose baby is this? What illness is that?

You can follow people’s plotting live on twitter at and you can find out more about the amazing judge she’s got this year (Jonas Kaufmann), the truly amazing prizes, and how to take part on The Omniscient Mussel’s blog, but be quick, it ends on Friday the 30th of April 2010:

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And here are the list of entries:


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