Wysing’s RIBA award plaque unveiling

There should be a video here – but I cannot work out how to embed flickr video into wordpress.com posts 😦 you can see it here though: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dumbledad/2921916171/

Just back from the unveiling at Wysing of their new RIBA award plaque. The ‘unveiling’ was done by Hugh Duberly, the Lord Lieutenant of South Cambridgeshire, which made sense as he’d done a lot personally to help Donna raise the required building funds. I put the word ‘unveiling’ in scare quotes as it wasn’t behind a curtain but behind one of Simon Woolham‘s paper interventions.

The RIBA award plaque with Simon Wooly's covering

Simon’s currently doing a paper intervention called Urban Origami whereby members of the public make origami with the supplied card and then install them in various locations (Kettle’s Yard house, the Ruskin Gallery, and Wysing, though I guess one could opt for anywhere). Then you photograph them and add them to the blog. The ‘unveiling’ involved Hugh pruning one of Simon’s paper sculptures (one a bit like an abundance of black paper eyelashes) that obscured the plaque. After that we wandered around a few of the studios and then up to Amphis, a structure for talks, screenings, etc made entirely out of found materials.

Amphis in the distance

It’s huge – and well built. Much more substantial than I’d imagined! To round the evening off I wandered into the gallery and enjoyed some large scale but delicate and detailed drawings by Anne-Mie Melis, and of course spent time chatting to the trustees, other visitors, and the wonderful people who work at Wysing.

Anne-Mie Melis drawings


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