It’s in the lap of the gods now

The judges are deliberating as I type so I’ll soon know. I’m not sure if I’ve done enough to defend my cup, we’ll know later this afternoon.

Here’s me with all my baking (except the jam tarts which were still cooling down).

I won’t get any points from this. Jam’s not (yet) my forte (mine always tastes ever so slightly burnt) and there’s four competing entries.

This one has stiff competition too but it tasted so wonderful I’ll be miffed if I don’t win, unless of course I persuade the winner to give me a jar of her’s 😉

I forgot to photograph the mincemeat entries. When I left there was just one other. It was a recipe for green tomato mincemeat which sounds wild. Delia’s is good though, so I’m quietly confident.

I was pleased with how my apple pie looked, but then Allison’s (behind mine to the right) looks better 😦

Who’d have thought it? I’m crap at biscuits, and keep promising myself that I’ll get some practice in before the next show, but I’m the only entrant; so unless the judges really don’t like them (which I have had happen before) I’ll get first place and three points towards the baking cup.

Now this is the class I really care about. The recipe is stipulated in the show’s schedule which makes it feel like Formula 1. And it is a simple recipe so it’s just the cook’s skill that matters. Sadly mine (on the left) caught a bit, and Allison’s (on the right) looks fantastic, though I wouldn’t use the cooling tray on the surface facing upwards myself.

I was pleased with my carrot cake (on the left here) until I saw the other two. I particularly like the look of the centre one. I hope the judges admire my Welsh slate serving idea, though I may get the “no doily” comment again.

I was pleased with this. Another fine Delia recipe that was easy, looked amazing, and tasted wonderful. I used Lancashire cheese instead of Cheshire as it’s my current favourite (alongside Double Gloucester) and thyme instead of chives. Not such a wise choice but I love thyme – especially in savoury scones and in dumplings.

Another one where we all use the same recipe. I didn’t have enough time to mature this properly (i.e. months) but I did soak the fruit for ages so that should help. Mum and Dad’s Asiatic pheasant design plate may help too.

I couldn’t see the bread from the guy I’m normally up against. He does fabulous looking white flour loaves. I’ll investigate.

Too much filling. Which is exactly what the judges wrote to me last time!

I don’t know whose entry it is with the butter and knife, but that’s a great idea.

Laser cutting the crème brûlée didn’t completely work – I needed too much un-scorched sugar underneath to protect the custard. But as it is the only entry it should get a first, unless the judges don’t like it.

Wish me luck.


2 Responses to “It’s in the lap of the gods now”

  1. catlily Says:

    Wow! I can’t believe how much you’ve done and it all looks amazing.

    Good luck!

  2. rbanks Says:


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