Laser etching crème brûlée for the Hardwick Village Show

I’m collecting crème brûlée recipes. Delia’s doesn’t seem to set, so I’ll pick between Simon Rimmer’s or Paul Merrett’s (or the Jamie Oliver one in “Happy Day’s with the Naked Chef”). It’s the village show on Saturday and I’ll be defending the baking cup. One part of my plan is to enter the dessert category with a crème brûlée laser etched with the Hardwick village crest. So yesterday Stuart taught me how to use our laser cutter in the hardware lab. Now I’m panicking somewhat. The lip of the ramekin’s will interfere with the laser head; will the laser burn or cut the sugar (I may need to manually defocus); how long will crème brûlée keep once the top is caramelised?

So on Saturday I’ll either e able to report a ‘HOWTO’ on laser etching crème brûlée, or I’ll have provided a particularly high calorie addition to the Mardas Gap!


One Response to “Laser etching crème brûlée for the Hardwick Village Show”

  1. jofishtoreadphoebe Says:

    Awesome! We spent a while etching eggplants and apples and the like when I was back at the Meeeeeja Lab, but never creme brule. Looking forward to seeing results.

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