links for 2008-08-30


2 Responses to “links for 2008-08-30”

  1. jofish Says:

    I always wanted to cut out a body on the laser cutter and use that as a place to start building a guitar.

    I had vaguely decided on doing a fretless bass, since that way I didn’t need to deal with actually cutting frets. Either that or just cut my own body and buy a neck. I came up with elaborate plans to prototype in (ply-?)wood and finish it in acrylic, for a transparent guitar. Alas never got my act together, but you must admit it’d be fun…

  2. dumbledad Says:

    Jofish that’s an excellent idea. I’ve finally got round to learning how to drive our laser cutter as I’m hoping to etch onto the top of crème brûlée for the Hardwick village show on Saturday.
    Even if it turned out to be too much to actually cut the guitar with the laser one could still burn some amazing patterns onto the body and then clear varnish over them.
    Did you know Mike (Malloy) makes his own guitars? Phil is trying to persuade him to do a stick bass (à la Tony Levin). That would be cool.
    If I ever get Grade V (I got a merit in Grade IV recently, yay) I’m buying a new violin. Perhaps I could strip and etch the old one.
    (PS four diacritics in a blog comment – not bad eh?)

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