Eek, "blib" is not a word!

from dominocat(?)

At our regular Monday catch-up meeting I mentioned that I’d seen the adorable baby William and James on Sunday. I didn’t use the word adorable though, I used the word “blib” meaning cute, small, and … well … adorable. I was met with blank stares. So after the meeting I looked it up on the Oxford English Dictionary and various online slang dictionaries but it wasn’t there. I now wonder where I got it from, was it an eighties Essex word? How strange, I really thought blib was a real word.


One Response to “Eek, "blib" is not a word!”

  1. jofish Says:

    I keep running into this problem playing Scrabulous. Not with blib, per se, but with a bunch of others. “Da”, as in father, for example, although it permits “Pa”. And then there’s the inverse problem: “evite” is a valid word, which makes me grit my teeth.

    Btw, I’ll be around next week for interviews, so let’s make sure we catch up. I have some thoughts about visualization stuff that I’ve been meaning to post in response to various posts recently and have been lame about actually doing so.

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