Seven new birds in one trip! Minsmere revisited

Black-necked Grebe ( Podiceps nigricollis )

Originally uploaded by diegocon1964

We finished off our week in Suffolk with a trip to Minsmere on Saturday. Kate and I hadn’t been for ages (the last time we went Meg was two and kicked up quite a fuss). One hurdle to overcome was the kid’s reticence so I decided to adopt a tactic Uncle Garth used on me and my siblings when we were young – bribery! He gave us 5p for every species of bird we identified (with help). Allowing for inflation I decided on 20p, imagining that they might earn a few quid each. Well I’d forgotten what an amazing place Minsmere is. Will is quite entrepreneurial so the monetary reward worked well: between them they saw over fifty (yes fifty) different species of bird! Wow.

I did well too. With the help of a more knowledgeable couple in the West Hide, and RSPB guides around the reserve, I saw my first black-necked grebe, little grebe, ruff, spotted redshank, cetti’s warbler, marsh tit, and mediterranean gull. Good going huh?

The cake in the tea room was good too šŸ™‚


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