Bird Watching at the RSPB reserve “The Lodge” in Sandy, Bedfordshire.

‘The Lodge’ Sandy sunset (2)

When our kids were small much of our spare time was taken up doing things that they’d enjoy or benefit from, and any free time I had would be when Kate was looking after the kids and so we tended to develop separate pastimes. Now that the kids are of an age where they want to spend time with their own friends doing their own things Kate and I find ourselves faced with the question that I’m sure has faced many parents before us: what interests do we still share now? As a result of thinking this through we’ve returned to lots of the activities we use to do before we had Meg and Will, and one of our new year’s resolutions is to get back into bird watching.

We kicked off this weekend with a brief trip at the end of a busy Sunday to The Lodge, the RSPB‘s reserve in Sandy, Bedfordshire. It took just 30 minutes to drive there from home and although we had less than an hour before sunset we managed to see a brambling (which I don’t think either of us had seen before) and an amazing close-up view from the hide of a juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker on one of the bird feeders.

Great fun – we’ll be doing more of that and maybe even getting some new bird watching gadgets and magazines 🙂


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