HOWTO: put on toe-socks

Man toe socks est arrivé - the time to celebrate is here

When Meg was younger she use to wear wonderful brightly coloured stripey toe-socks. I loved them, not just the colours but the way she could wiggle her toes but I resigned myself to the fact that no sock maker in their right mind would sell a line of toe-socks for grown men. I was wrong šŸ™‚ Muji sell two gent’s toe-socks: black and off-white. I’m stocking up. For all you other toe-sock wearers out there I wanted to pass on a hint about how to put them on.

right toe-sock toes

When they come out of the washing machine inside-out, first put them on your hand, then poke in each toe with the other hand, and then grab the toes inside the sock before pulling it back the right way out.


James over on the flickr group Just Toe Socks suggested I add links into Muji’s catalogue to make this post even more useful (actually he said “more useful” I couldn’t resist adding “even”). Here’s the black ones I got: and here are some grey ones that James found Sadly I cannot find the off-white ones.


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